I’m Agata—Angela Agata Worthington—an Australian painter of Italian descent.

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  1. Ciao bells
    Yes it is me!
    How are you? What a lovely surprise to get a message from you after all these years.
    I live in brisbane now with my partner natalie.
    I am a circus and puppetry performer creating shows for adults and kids.
    I set up a women’s circus in woolloongong after you left and ran it for six years. In that time I discovered I was a great clown and funny performer and travelled throughout uk and Europe for two years doing a comedy acrobatic show with a friend. I eventually came back to Australia tried to re settle in w’gong but my flat burnt down so I accepted a job in brisbane and met my love. We have lived in Byron bay for the past 3 yrs but recently moved back as her mum isn’t well.

    So that’s me how about you? What you been doing since 1996?
    Write to me on my email
    Lots love

    • agatasart says:

      hello my darling bella
      Merry Christmas and a hope you are having a wonderful New year…..im still living in Perth and we are currently renovation our 3 bedroom, 1 bath to a 4 bedroom 2 bath with laundry / walk in closet, (not sure where James is going to put his cloths), and new kitchen….in fact if I don’t kill my hubby I will probably divorce my 3 teenage kids…lol…
      Bella you and Natalie need to visit WA the beaches are beautiful the parks are lovely and we could have a glass or 2 in the process….trying to get my art back and running….go to my face book page Agata Angel Worthington, and u can see all the other pieces I have painted and drawn over the years..
      08) 6162 0170 is my house phone number, or text me on 0412 852566 and I will call u back, I have a good optus plan going right now, but I would love to chat and catch up….
      ciao bella mia kisses to Natalie xx

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